Give it up…Symptoms aren’t cases. Cases aren’t infections. Infections aren’t hospitalisations. Hospitalisations aren’t deaths…four degrees of separation and we’re still apparently terrified.

Sharing is Caring!

by secretymology

So far beyond sick of this! If you want to remain scared and cowering, submitting to lockdowns, masks and vaccines…go right ahead. Just stay out of our way and don’t insist we follow you into perdition and oblivion. Some of us have lives to live, and are thinking about the bigger picture and it’s your cowardice and compliance that is going to kill us all. Nothing – no government “all clear” – will ever come to make you feel safe again. That’s it for you, you’re done. Doesn’t mean the rest of us crabs shouldn’t try and escape. Stop trying to pull us back into the slaughter bucket.

Astoundingly, we were initially accused of caring more about money than “saving lives”. The destruction of our mental health and the economy will kill many, many more than this ‘virus’ and even our governments can’t deny it anymore, in fact knew it from the start. What more do you need to know? Event 201? Agenda 21? Scratch the surface a mere millimetre deep and the truth is revealed. the fact that you’re still believing – some of you with six months’ free time – clearly proves you’ve not done even a cursory investigation of the facts for yourselves.

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And we’re selfish? We’re fighting to restore stolen rights for everyone. You seem much more concerned for your own health. I guess we all project, accuse others of our own crimes. Even us, but at least some of us look within enough to forestall projection. And YOU have the gall to lecture US?

If you are truly concerned about saving lives, reject the MSM narrative and act as if you are.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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