‘Giving Up Our Rights As US Citizens’: Texas Mayor Predicts 2 Million Illegal Immigrants Will Cross The Border In 2021

Don McLaughlin, mayor of Peabody, Texas, said Thursday that he expects at least two million illegal immigrants to cross the southern border in 2021, with few vaccinated against COVID-19.

“You are already at 1.2 million now, so by the end of the year I think you’re going to see over 2 million in my own personal opinion,” the mayor said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “It feels like we’re giving up our rights as U.S. citizens to accommodate foreign, illegal immigrants coming into our country and it’s very, very frustrating,” McLaughlin continued.

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McLaughlin noted that the migrants are arriving from “up to 150 countries now … How are they getting there? That’s the question I ask all the time. But you can’t get an answer out of the border patrol and you can’t get an answer out of this administration.”





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