Glamour Women of the Year: Not a Conservative in Sight!

by Mark Angelides

A pervasive anti-Conservative attitude has long been present in awards shows and ceremonies, but the exclusion of women who do not lean full tilt for the “progressive” ideology is more damaging to society than most. It is sad but true that young women look to places like Glamour for role-models and information, yet all they are being presented is carbon-copy ideologies in the guise of “strong women.”
This year’s winners included such divisive figures as Maxine Waters, the organizers of the Women’s March, and Samantha Bee (who started the “Nasty Woman” T-shirt campaign to raise $1 million for Planned Parenthood).
It is now almost impossible for someone with views that are considered conservative or on the right to get airtime or exposure. Let’s take a look at some of the “marvelous” things that the Glamour Award winners have managed.
The Women’s March organizer banned women. Yes, they did. Not the compliant, non-thinking women who buy into the ideology of the radical left, but women who were pro-life. They banned women from a women’s march who did not share their narrow political beliefs. Should this really have been called a women’s march if it excluded women?
Maxine Waters who lives in a gated complex with armed body guards who tells people they shouldn’t have guns and should embrace the illegal aliens flooding over the (non-existent) border. If so Maxine, why does your property have high walls and why do your guards pack heat?
Young women are being depraved of real role-models in their impressionable lives. Where are the women who are not afraid to speak out, who will question the orthodoxy, who will stand up for REAL protections for women (not the fabricated “Western Rape Culture”)? They are being drowned out by a media and an established government that is afraid of their voices.
The control center does not want young women to be anything other than tools in their toolbox being used to further an agenda that does not benefit actual women.
We could of course apply this to men in much the same way. But men have always had a voice and an audience and women, not so much. Just look at the strong and empowered women out there today speaking up for what they really believe and not trotting out tired old lies that sound good to their Twitter friends:
Kelly Ann Conway who is the first female to successfully run a winning presidential campaign.
Pamela Geller who despite death threats continues to speak out on what she believes.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is the first woman to head up the White House press team.
And there are many, many more. It is a shame for the women of tomorrow that they will have mere shadows of strong women to guide them.