Global Economic Collapse as Tech Stocks Skyrocket? Gary Shilling Sees 1930s Level DROP!

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Can stocks rise while an economy falls forever? Can the divide between MAIN STREET and WALL STREET get worse forever? Or will they eventually find each other once again?

Isn’t it strange that we are seeing record highs within certain stocks during a time in which the economy is under its worst conditions in a century? Isn’t a weird that there is negative growth and prospects for many sectors, and yet the market roars higher? Or is it possible that we’re simply watching a movie, a predefined script? Well…


Novogratz Says Stock Bubble Spurring ‘Dangerous Valuations’ – Bloomberg

Gary Shilling says the stock market could see a 1930s-like decline

(24) Jeffrey Gundlach on Twitter: “Why bother with any taxes at all if Chair Powell is correct that there is no limit to expanding the Fed’s balance sheet? Implicit in his declaration is that the whole tax collection system is a royal waste of resources.” / Twitter

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Nasdaq stocks led by Tesla continue their blistering run while chill envelops rest of the market

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This Is What It Looks Like When a Texas Oil Boom Busts – WSJ

Nordstrom tells landlords to expect just half their rent until January 2021 | Retail Dive

New York City’s Transit System Faces Unprecedented Financial Reckoning – WSJ



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