Global Economic Failure as Individuals and Corporations Buckle Under MEGA Debt Load

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Can bailouts really do good for the economy? Can printing money out of thin air to buy mortgage backed securities have a positive impact on the economy? Can doing the same thing over and over possibly provide a different result? It seems like goldfish walk amongst us. Short memories are in abundance. And failure is inevitable. 

Bullard: Economy not in free fall despite 32% unemployment estimate

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Op-Ed: Bailouts should come with strings attached so taxpayers can profit from recovery

The jobs numbers have been so bad that even the good news is bad news

Ford Expects Talks With U.S. on Cash for Clunkers-Like Stimulus – BNN Bloomberg

2020’s economic freefall is not a Great Depression: Jim Paulsen says

The Recession Bread Lines Are Forming in Mar-a-Lago’s Shadow

Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income ‘Soon’

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