Global Economic Failure: COLLAPSE of an Empire! U.S. Consumer Always Last Out the Door

The Fed is clearly hiding something. Soon we’ll find out exactly what. It’s only a matter of time What do you think it is?

When you allow global unification of central banking completely in stealth, without consent of the public, madness will follow. When you allow your currency to be devalued, the unimaginable will occur. When you think you have nothing left to be taken, they will remind you and grind you down. The vast majority of people have no idea what happens to them. They spend and spend and one day the economy all around them has shut down. They didn’t even see it happening. Then years later, the pattern repeats. Over and over they make the same mistakes. Never prepared. Always asleep.


Why would the Fed cut interest rates a 3rd time in a row even as stocks near records? Investors may soon find out – MarketWatch

Survey: US business hiring falls to a 7-year low

Slumping Halloween sales spook experts | TheHill

GDPNow – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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Q3 2019 EPS beatsa.jpg (728×547)

SPX median seloff on miss.jpg (556×389)

spx beats q3 2019.jpg (550×384) q3 eargnings yoy.jpg?itok=yoSewpj7

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Cracks in U.S. consumer emerge as banks say everything looks fine – BNN Bloomberg

Consumer Cracks Emerge as Banks Say Everything Looks Fine

Don’t Let the U.S. Economy Hit Stall Speed – BNN Bloomberg

Buenos Aires Times | US$200 limit: Central Bank tightens currency controls in wake of election

Lebanon’s c. bank urges quick solution to avoid future collapse | National Post



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