Global Economic Indicators Flashing Red! China, Europe, and U.S. All Major Slowdown!

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Do you believe that the global economy is doing well right now in 2019?

The global economy is giving us a different picture than the stock market. As we achieve record highs, most people become complacent. We watch stocks achieve impossible heights and forget that risk brings about fragility. Fragility leads to failure. As we have learned from the previous cycles, there has never been a time in which we have been warned about a stock market crash or a recession. The government won’t warn you. The TV won’t warn you. Other investors won’t warn you. It will sucker punch you. And it will hurt.

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Truckers warn of ‘bloodbath’ as companies go bankrupt, lower outlook – Business Insider

Cass Freight Index Report – April 2019.pdf

Chinese auto sales post worst-ever monthly decline as trade war intensifies – Reuters

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30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the United States | FRED | St. Louis Fed

Federal Reserve Board – Federal Reserve Board releases results of supervisory bank stress tests




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