Global Economic Slowdown Continues To Go DEEP as China – U.S. Trade Battle WORST EVER!

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The reality is that the economy is not what it was in 2014. It hasn’t recovered. It’s literally running on fumes of the QE rounds from post-Financial Crisis. Don’t worry, QE4 is here anyway. Let’s see how long this madness persists. Central bank balance sheets are rising and they won’t stop until they own everything. The insanity of this all is mind-boggling. To all those who care enough to watch these videos, understand you’re probably better prepared than 99% of the public.

The stock market had a tough week. But more importantly, the economy is still having a terrible time dealing with numerous factors that have piled up over the last while. Central banks have continued with QE in their accommodative approach to market instability. This has had a 100% failure rate over the last 100 years so it seems like they will give it another go anyway. Well, ok then…


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

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WeWork’s junk bonds slashed again by S&P amid company turmoil, failed IPO | Markets Insider

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Port Report: Ocean carriers cut as container rates slide – FreightWaves

LAX Reports Flat Traffic for August as International Travel Declines | Los Angeles Business Journal

U.S. consumer spending slows in August; incomes rise – Reuters

U.S. Median Household Income Was $63,179 in 2018, Not Significantly Different From 2017

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Release #2019-08: Leaving California: Half of State’s Voters Have Been Considering This; Republicans and Conservatives Three Times as likely as Democrats and Liberals to be Giving Serious Consideration to Leaving the State

Recession or not … many Americans already ‘living on edge’ financially: Survey | Fox Business

78% Of Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Jaguar Land Rover to stop output at UK factories for a week due to Brexit – Reuters

Former Fed Chair Yellen: Central bank is being ‘optimistic’ about growth



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