GLOBAL EPIDEMIC Coronavirus Stats: School Closings, Business Closings, Lockdowns and Infection/Death Count

1st case of CoronaVirus (COVID 19) was reported on: December 31, 2019
Chinese Lunar New Year began on: Saturday, January 25th 2020

Cities Under Lockdown (MARTIAL LAW)
Wuhan (Hubei Province), China : Since January 23rd 2020
population 11 million

HuangGang, China: Since January 23 2020
population 7.5 million

Hong Kong, China : February 5th 2020
population 7.3 million

Beijing, China: Since February 9th 2020
population 22 million

Shanghai, China : Since February 10th 2020
population 24 million

School Closings
Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) announced on January 28th 2020 that schools nationwide would be postponed
Hong Kong announce on February 13th that no schools would open until March 16th and may be extended again

Business Not Operating
China stops all movie production and closes over 70,000 theaters: Since January 23rd 2020

70 airlines have stopped flights to and from China.
The full list and details of Airlines refusing to fly can be found below:

Apartments are being boarded up and sealed with occupants to restrict movement and spread of infection. Video footage is on Twitter.
Curfews have been enforced in lockdown cities where the pandemic is spreading.

Infection and Death Counts
As of February 13th:
Confirmed Infected – 60,390 being reported by Chinese Gov’t and internationally
Deaths – 1, 370

***CDC confirms 15th case of coronavirus in US on Thursday, February 13, 2020***
US health officials have confirmed the nation’s 15th case of coronavirus.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the infected patient is part of a group of people under quarantine at a military base in Texas. The individual has been put in isolation at a nearby hospital.

The CDC said this was the first case of a quarantined person at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland who developed symptoms and tested positive for the virus.

The quarantined group returned to the US last week on one of the US government’s evacuation flights out of China.


This CoronaVirus pandemic has been going on for 44 days (6 weeks and 2 days) and has killed and infected more people than SARS did in the 8 months it was active.


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