Global internet outages record high

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  • Network outage data was collected by a US-based network intelligence firm
  • A third of outages in the first quarter struck in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • UK outages in lockdown have been low overall, with improvements in April
  • But the findings come days after outages struck Virgin Media uses across Britain

Internet outages have hit record highs during the coronavirus lockdown, as network operators make changes to meet the demand of more people now working at home.

According to US network intelligence firm ThousandEyes, network outages across the globe were seen to rise across March, reaching previously unseen levels.

While internet infrastructure in both the UK and internationally performed better at the start of April, the last week has seen another spike in reported issues.

The findings come days after Virgin Media users in the UK experienced extensive outages, which the firm attributed to a network technical fault rather than increased usage.


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