Global Power–Iran War, Left-Right Conflict, Concentration of Firearms

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by SP

Several author’s come from the perspective that a global elite (the globalists) are about to crash the global economy as a part of their efforts to re-engineer the global geopolitical structure through chaos, with them in charge, of course.

One is Brandon Smith writing here.

Iran War Looming

War with Iran at this time makes no sense whatsoever unless you look at it from a globalist perspective…. the only group that stands to gain from such catastrophe, as war with Iran would seal the fate of the US economy. The most immediate threat would be the potential shutdown of the Strait of Hormuz by Iran, …. [with an] explosion in oil prices would be devastating to the global economy….

In the longer term complete destabilization of the Middle East would result, …. [An Iran war] coupled with the trade war would fulfill the globalist narrative that the Trump Administration and the conservatives that support him are a “menace” to global stability. …

Currently, the mainstream media is very quiet on the Iran situation despite the sudden shift of US military resources to the region, which leads me to believe that a conflict is being planned in the near term.


As edwardelinski reported above, the Jerusalem post advises that the US is planning on a massive, but focused, bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Israeli military intelligence public website reports that IRAN is Planning on attacking a major Saudi Oil site.

DEBKAfile Exclusive (June 18, 2019): US intelligence learns from a highly credible source that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have completed preparations for a large-scale assault on an important Saudi oil facility within days. On Monday, June 17, the aides of senior US congress members were summoned to the White House for a briefing on this intelligence and informed that this time the administration is gearing up for a military response.

Additional troops, destroyers, submarines and patriot missiles have been moved to the gulf to “counter the Iranian threat.”

How does DEBKA know of these dastardly Iranian intentions?  Anonymous sources.

What Saudi facility will be attacked?  Don’t know.

The key element here is to make the masses believe that Iran is the evil aggressor and trying to start a war.  Our actions are defensive.


Pepe Excobar reports on the developing Eurasian cooperation networks between Russia, China, India and including places at the table for the  “-stans,” Pakistan and Iran.  I don’t follow this closely, but, Chinaand Russia will most certainly have strong feelings about an attack on Iran.  To what degree will they be involved?


Left-Right Conflict

Brandon Smith also writes about another facet of this same process where the global elites consolidate their power through the nurturing of Left-Right conflict.

There is a common misconception among newer activists in the liberty movement that the idea of the “false left/right paradigm” means that there is no political spectrum; that the entire notion of left vs right is a fabrication. This is not exactly the case. When we talk about false paradigms in regards to politics (or geopolitics), what we are actually referring to is the elitist class, otherwise known as globalists, and the fact that they have no left or right political orientationThey do not care about Democrats or Republicans, they have no loyalty to either party. Their loyalty is to their own agenda [which is the centralization of power in their own hands], and they will exploit BOTH sides to get what they want whenever possible.

The end goal of the globalist cabal is to eventually reach a point where EVERYONE in the world is a supporter of totalitarian centralization.


Removal of Firearms from the Common Citizens

Another pre-requisite of centralized control by the elite is to eliminate citizen firearms.  You cannot impose a (RED Meme) vicious totalitarian rule on an armed population.  They have enough power to fight back and will not submit.

Daisy Luther at writes on this aspect this week.

The “Mass Shootings Map” Propaganda

If you use any form of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably seen the scary “mass shootings map” published by PBS, leading people to believe that they live in a terrifying place and that the only answer is  strict gun control [letting representatives of the state be the only people allowed weapons.]

These terrifying dots are not all brazen shoot-outs in malls or movie theaters, during which someone takes out as many people as they can. But that’s how it’s portrayed. It’s posted without any real criteria except for the fact that it is incidents in which 4 or more people are shot, including the initial perpetrator.

There are many vital stats missing. Here are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when you look at that ridiculous mass shooting map.

  • Are any of these homeowners protecting their family from a home invasion? We don’t know – we just know that 4 people were shot.
  • Are any of these incidents of gang violence? We don’t know – we just know that 4 people were shot. Also, I’m pretty sure gang-members don’t register their firearms or get permits to carry them
  • Are any of these shooters victims of the mental health industry, taking SSRI anti-depressants?  Actually we do know that quite a few of them were. Despite the fact that SSRIs don’t work on everyone who takes them, and on some they actually cause the person taking them to become violent and act on their thoughts, I don’t see anyone calling for a ban on SSRIs.
  • Are these all legally obtained guns? We don’t know – we just know that 4 people were shot. This most recent incident happened in California, home of some of the most stringent gun laws in the country. (It was nearly an 8-month process to get my own concealed carry permit here, and many were the hoops I had to jump through.)
  • How many of these happened in gun-free zones? [SP addition]

This is a scare tactic, meant to frighten those who won’t think more deeply about the issue. It’s for people who read the headlines, but not the articles.

The map was published by PBS, who is sponsored in part by Pew Charitable Trust. While the map makes it look like gun violence is on the uptick, Pew reported in a recent article that it actually dropped in half a decade ago, and has remained steady since.



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