Global Real Estate FALLOUT From U.S. to U.K. to Australia! Here’s Why.

We are looking at a time in which real estate makes absolutely no sense. Prices are so insanely high and government are scrambling to support the prices by keeping interest rates absurdly low and offering incentives and giving loans to people who shouldn’t have them. This is a recipe for disaster! This is is different, right?

Even though interest rates are at or near historic lows, real estate is having a hard time. Even though the global economy is apparently best ever, 10 years of prosperity, we have seen nothing of the sort in real estate. Look at what we are dealing with. Over-inflated asset prices and people are tapped out. We know the stats and eventually, it has to pop. Just like chewing gum, the bigger the bubble, the more mess it will creates when it pops.


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US new home sales rise to near 1½-year high

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Home sales fall 4.9% in slow start to spring buying season | Fox Business

Home sales at both high and low end are tanking for different reasons

Home sales at both high and low end are tanking for different reasons

UK House Price Index – Office for National Statistics


Australian housing market: What the rental market tells us about property prices

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dwellings-under-construction-graph-data.jpg (700×521)


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