Global Real Estate Prices DROP! Worst Slowdown Since Financial Crisis!

London is getting hit pretty hard right now. If you’re in London or the surrounding area, please let me know what you’re seeing. Also, my friends in Ireland, are you seeing prices increase? I do believe Ireland will be negatively impacted with Brexit in the short term. But looks like it may not even go through anyway!

Globally we have seen such massive appreciation in real estate prices. Most major cities around the world have watched houses go from expensive to completely unaffordable. Now people are drowning in debt and there’s no way for them to resurface. The public thinks it’s great because they’ll have endless Roaring Twenties prosperity. That’s probably not too wise though. Oh well.

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sdManhattan real estate sales fall for sixth straight quarter

Manhattan Home Sales Drop to Decade Low for a First Quarter – Bloomberg

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London Property Market Struggles on as City Waits For Brexit

London Property Slide Continues With Biggest Drop in a Decade – BNN Bloomberg

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Ireland Property Rush Risks Repeat of Crisis – BNN Bloomberg

Bank of Canada’s Poloz says stimulative rates needed for temporary soft patch | CBC News

BofA says it will make $5 billion in mortgages to under-served people