Globalism 101: Amazon Has Turned Into AliExpress With Higher Prices

by Chris Black

More people are realizing that they can buy direct from Chinese factories for 1/4 the price and still get free shipping. Everything is coming from China anyway, so why pay publicly traded companies more of your hard earned money to support lofty stock valuations?

Your typical big box store is making 60-80% margin on whatever they sell you. 

They don’t deserve it and you don’t deserve to pay absurd prices because of it. 

If it is an American or European company manufacturing there, fine, but to pay $120 for a product made in China for $10, that is just lunacy.

 Just buy it from China for $20 and get over the brand bullshit.

 All you are doing is supporting a label slapped on 3rd world manufacturing to make it more palatable to narcissists.

 Guess what? Your $350 Kate Spade bag was made in Vietnam by a 15 year old girl who made $.10 sewing it, and it was sold to a supposed luxury company run by sociopaths for $18. 

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You can go on AliExpress and buy the exact same bag, made in the same factory for $35. At least with that, the factory makes a bit more money. 

The entire system in the USA needs to go.

 Every publicly traded company needs to go bankrupt.

The real product being sold is shares of stock. That is how the CEO buys a $25 million mansion.

 If you want to bring jobs and manufacturing back, Wall Street needs to go.

 But you’ll have to be OK with sending your 401k to zero. Wealth for nothing isn’t free. 

Your stock market gains are taken out of the real economy.

 For all that you gain, a productive company paid the price.


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