Globalism is Sovietism. It’s the same strategy (economic, governmental, and cultural hegemony) that the Soviet Union had.

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by Venus230


Use a centralized fiat currency, print out money for your elite who use it to manipulate markets to sabotage defecting nations or enemy nations.


Create governmental overlap between regions so they cannot function independently and every government is infiltrated by default. Undermine sovereignty.


Everyone is welcome in the Soviet/Globalist Empire, at least superficially. It’s not a threat unless you don’t give in.

It’s the same old game.

Empires pretty much take similar forms throughout history and follow similar routes of demise. The Roman Empire claimed the same shit, everyone can be a Roman, it was just a way for the Roman empire to over-reach its military capacity by getting nations to willingly join it. But the benefit of empirial induction is the same as what causes an empire to fail. When you eliminate ethnonationalism from foundation of your nation by becoming an empire, you also eliminate any loyalty to it from ethnic groups. Your nation becomes rootless and it doesn’t take long for the various ethnic groups to decide to part ways again, ripping your empire apart. It’s only been 55 years since the USA adopted the Soviet policy of “diversity and inclusion” and it’s already struggling to keep its military from splitting, the USA can’t keep talent to invent new things or maintain the existing state because no one feels like the USA is their country, and riots calling for independent ethnostates are marching through the USA’s cities. What a joke.

When it comes to empires, the only winning move is not to play. Once you start playing the empire game, your nation is as good as over. The Jews knew that, as did the White historians that were silenced by blackmailed, bribed, and threatened White politicians in 1965. What the Jews and their puppets didn’t know is that technology would advance to the point that they wouldn’t get away with it.

We need to start thinking about the future and how to deconstruct the mess earlier generations created without the world ending.


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