Globalism Kills – The Hidden Figures at the Heart of the Globalist Project

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by Mark Angelides

The theories and practice of Globalism have become so accepted that it is hard to imagine any country ever being able to elect a leader that is not sold on the concepts of “shared sovereignty”, “Free-Trade zones” and the use of international regulation to administer nation states. But there is a secret at the heart of the Globalist project: that those who try to operate outside of its margins are swiftly killing themselves…And no one is looking to stop the deaths.
The European Union shares much of the blame for the dramatic rise in suicide rates. A detailed study published in Social Science & Medicine shows that in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, there were over 6000 suicides between 2011-2012 and that this has risen over 1.5% in the following year.  many of these can be directly linked to the Eurozone crisis which led to more austerity, less employment, and stricter regulation that meant these countries could not act to help themselves do better (being tied to a single currency, they were unable to devalue).
One of the hardest hit areas and industries are the French farmers. As the EU continues to squeeze small farmers out of business by allowing protectionist policies to favour global corporations, the suicide rate has risen to at least 600 farmers per year. This figure does not include deaths linked to alcoholism.
The regulations of the Globalists are designed to benefit Global corporations and to shut down small businesses; the long term goal being that small businesses will not be able to compete and will “naturally” close down. If they can’t be shut down via over-regulation, they will be pushed out by artificially raising property prices and business Rates. In London (once the world epicenter of small traders), 74% of small business owners feel unable to cope with rising business rates which are approaching £17,000 per year just to open the front door (this is before even rent or wages are considered).
But the fact of the matter is that the Globalists actually do not care whether the small business disappears through lack of funds or suicide; if they are gone, the method is irrelevant. It is an uncaring and ultimately selfish ideology that regards people as nothing but numbers, and the numbers only actually matter as large groups: the individual is nothing.

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  1. Excellent points Mark. I know a really liberal older guy who has a bumper sticker on his car that says “No farms, no food”, yet he’s all in with Globullism. It’s so sad that the media worldwide is so corrupt that they hide the bad news about what’s happening to billions of ordinary good people around the world. The tragedy of the common man at the hands of the authoritarian robots with no soul.

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