Globalist depopulation agenda & Replacement Migration

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by Chris Black

In the 1960s and 70s, globalist institutions, including the United Nations’ World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the US NSC (led by Henry Kissinger), produced numerous reports that explicitly detailed techniques to intentionally destroy the birth rates of a population.


This included: 

– Making contraception widespread and readily available

– “Indoctrination” of children [quoted verbatim]

– Encouraging female “liberation” (including work and higher education)

– Encouraging women to become politically active

– Encouraging homosexuality

– Discouraging home ownership

– Using state propaganda and education to shrink “ideal family size” in public image

– Poisoning water with chemical birth control

– Promotion of sterilization


Average (not racially-aware) conspiracy theorists generally believe that this was all a ploy by Bill Gates & Co to depopulate Africa. However, since these documents were produced, globalists have done nothing but ply Africa with endless food and financial aid, causing the total African population to explode.

The only places that all of these policies have been implemented are White Western countries, in which globalists have 100% control. The West is the only civilization with declining birth rates worldwide.

The scheme is obvious:

  1. Intentionally destroy White birth rates.
  2. Intentionally boost Third World birth rates.
  3. Flood White countries with booming migrant populations.
  4. Tell White people that they require migrants due to Whites’ “low birth rates” (official UN policy under their ‘Replacement Migration’ agenda).

The question is, are globalists intentionally engineering collapse (which would result in massive depopulation via catastrophic death tolls) by importing millions of Third World migrants, who are completely incapable of upholding an advanced civilization, like the West? Elites openly talk about the necessity for “population control” and the problem of overpopulation.



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