There Were 691 Mass Shootings in 2021

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by Chris Black

Sadly, this is a brand new record. 

0 of them done by “white supremacists,” most were committed by blacks. 

2021 also saw a record for school shootings. 

The national murder clearance rate is the lowest it has ever been in US history. 

The FBI is only interested in what kind of political beliefs you have, but they are letting the country collapse into chaos in the process.

The crime problem is a black problem, but politically, directly a Jewish problem. 

Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League are continuing to demand the FBI waste resources on “hate crimes” and “confronting white supremacy” in places like Philadelphia, which had a record in homicides in 2021. Only 29% of those murders led to an arrest, while a paltry 15% of non-fatal shootings have a suspect in custody. 

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The irony is that blacks like Lori Lightfoot are begging feds to stop entrapping libertarians and Siegers on telegram and actually do something about violent crime, but ultimately, the ADL and Merrick Garland set all of the priorities in America.

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