God Forbid We Ever Question the Libtard Dogma of Universal Mass Education

by Chris Black

The Department of Education didn’t exist until 1980(!), not that long ago at all. What has the DOE’s existence actually done to improve education in this country? 

How does it justify its existence, other than platitudes about how “are childrun R da future!!1”

Maybe some people’s kids are, but you know what? Some kids are harder working than others. 

Some kids are better suited to becoming skilled professionals than others. And some kids are smarter than others.

This stupid conversation about “school choice” and “charter schools” and “vouchers” has been going on for as long as I can remember. The elephant in the room is that there’s a not-insignificant chunk of the student population who are simply dumber than the other kids and are always going to underperform no matter how you try to “educate them.” 

There is no policy or amount of money you can throw at them that will make them stop being dumb.

Many great civil societies and empires were totally fine with this for thousands of years until one day, some smug shitlib idiot in a sweatervest decided that they must have been wrong and we need to spend infinity gorillion dollars trying to massage dumb kids into performing as well as smart kids do.

Republicans are more than complicit in this. 

They love to play one-upsmanship with “education spending.” 

And conservative voters are stupid enough to keep falling for it.

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Say it with me:

Conservatives are worse than leftists.

Conservatives aid and abet leftists at every turn.

Conservatives stand in the way of dealing with leftists properly.

Conservatives must be smashed before leftism and liberalism can be smashed.

All of these are downstream from perverting the currency. 

The Pentagon’s sole purpose is to secure Rothschild banking world hegemony.

The American Revolution started because Pennsylvania was denied the ability to use silver certificates. Everything else came after the fact. It’s the money.

 Always the money. The money first, then the education system. 

Always and forever in that order.


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