The FDA Is Literally Demonic

by Chris Black

It is surprisingly difficult to serve up this particular redpill, because the evil Amerikan government does everything it can to pass off these poisons as “safe.”

Another favorite example of mine? 

Artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to digestive problems and cancers many times over, are “generally recognized as safe” according to our demonic FDA.

Still, we know that most people are sadly impervious to facts and evidence. 

The naive attitude of the average American is “if were that dangerous, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it.” 

On the contrary, They know full well that it’s poison and They don’t care what it does to you, so They sell it to you anyway.

Going grocery shopping as a nutritionpilled American is like trying to dodge landmines.

 I am that guy autistically looking at the ingredients on everything I buy to avoid dyes, seed oils, preservatives, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, etc.

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If you so much as suggest that maybe some of these toxic ingredients should be banned or at least regulated, people on both sides of our fake controlled politics will call you a communazi terrorist for trying to stop little Jimmy from eating his corn syrup and soybean oil.

I feel much healthier ever since becoming conscious of these things. I can often tell if food had bad ingredients just by how I feel after eating it.

 But it’s very blackpilling to try and have this conversation with the average American. 

Bless their hearts, they just don’t know any better.

And as usual, the elephant in the room is money.

Our evil government will let corporations poison you if it means stronger “economic growth” numbers. Never mind the cost of people suffering horrible metabolic disorders and the associated complications, leading to exorbitant healthcare costs and early deaths.

“You are what you eat” isn’t an exaggeration. 

If a government not only allows, but encourages its people to consume poison, that government wants its people to remain stupid, weak, and sick.

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