Big Tech is set to shift more than 15 million election votes!

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Everything this man analyzed have since accelerated aggressively, hence his estimates should be considered moderate.

Video: Dr. Robert Epstein on Big Tech Censorship

In 2016 Google search algorithms likely impacted undecided woters in a way that shifted at least 2.7M votes to Hillary Clinton.

Biased search results can easily produce shifts in the opinions and voter preferences of undecided voters by up to 80% in some demographic groups, because people blindly trust high-ranking search results over lower ones.

On election day in 2018, the GOVOTE reminder that Google displayed on its home page gave one political party at least 800,000 more votes than it gave the other party. That reminder was not a public service, it was a vote manipulation.

2018 election bias in Google search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2M votes, spread across many races, to the candidates of one political party.

I know how to stop Big Tech in its tracks.. [System to monitor search bias]

This [preventive] system must be built to keep an eye on big tech in 2020.

If these companies all support the same candidate, they will have the power to shift 15M votes to that candidate.

To let Big Tech get away with subliminal manipulation on this scale would be to make the free and fair election meaningless.

Congress can quickly end Google’s worldwide monopoly on search by declaring Google’s massive search index, to be a Public Commons, accessible by all.

In 1961, Eisenhover warned about the possible rise of a technological elite that would control public policy without peoples awareness. That elite now exists.

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