GOING DOWN: Cuomo staffers have stopped showing up to work as scandals mount.


Disillusioned staffers are abandoning embattled Gov. Cuomo, sources said.

“I hear that most people aren’t even coming into work, and the offices at the Capitol are empty,” said one well-placed insider in touch with staffers in recent days.

“He’ll fight and fight and fight, but the staffers I’ve talked to are ready for him to hang up the gloves. Everyone feels like there is an inevitable conclusion — I mean at some point will Biden call on him to step down? They [staffers] just want this torture to stop.”

Rebellion in the ranks deepened as Cuomo on Friday defiantly refused to step aside and blamed “cancel culture” for his downfall.

“I feel a level of rage toward this fake tough guy,” seethed a second source, an ex-aide. “The guy thinks he’s the toughest, the hardest working, he’s the smartest. The truth is, he’s anything but. He’s the weakest, he’s the dumbest, and he’s the most shallow of them all. He is genuinely a very small man who pretends to be big.”

The former aide said many staffers are not coming into the executive offices, but choosing to work remotely or at vaccine sites instead. They are increasingly worried their careers are in jeopardy, just as they were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel after working around the clock for months during the pandemic.

“Sometimes you have an ability to claim to be out in the field,” the ex-aide said.

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New York magazine, Friday.

Timeline: How Andrew Cuomo Went From America’s ‘Love Gov’ To Fending Off Calls For His Resignation In Less Than 12 Months.

—The Daily Caller, Wednesday.

And note this mile marker along the way: Exclusive: New York Admits Knowingly Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths After Quietly Changing Reporting Rules.

—The Daily Caller, May 15th, 2020.

Because this anti-Cuomo reporting began in conservative media, and because Cuomo was still useful as a foil against both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the narrative had to be maintained at least through the election. In late November, far left Nation magazine ran the headline, “The Collapse of the Cuomosexual,” and once Biden was inaugurated, Cuomo was no longer useful to the DNC or its media.


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