Gold: Chasing Price Feels Very Nice! Daily Swings Of $100 Are Normal!

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by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates

1.   It’s rare that I suggest that gold market investors should engage in “price chasing”.

2.   The 1970s were a time to do it.  So was 2009.

3.   What about today?  Today, the answer is… yes!

4.   Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.  When price rallies to the neckline of the largest bull continuation pattern in the history of the gold market…

5.   Simply put, it’s a time to chase price!

6.   Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this short-term gold chart.  Investors must adjust their thoughts and actions to reflect the current technical reality of the gold market:

7.   It’s now very similar to the 1970s.  Daily swings of $40, $50, and even $100 are the “new normal”.  The good news is that all that’s needed to deal with these swings… is a yawn.

8.   It’s a time to put the space helmets on, and…

9.   Unfortunately, it’s also time to understand why this is happening.

10.        Please click here now.  The 2021-2025 time zone is potentially the biggest war cycle since 1941-1945.

11.        A huge number of war cycles are converging, and I cover them in detail in my daily big picture newsletter where I cover gold, silver, commodities, stocks, and rates.  At $199/year, my subscribers’ biggest criticism is that my pricing is too low.  Regardless, I’m offering a special $179/15mths war cycle special this week.  Please send me an email if you want to get it.  Thanks!

12.        For now, Ukraine dominates the war cycle action, but that will likely change, and most of the blood spilled could soon be on US soil.  For Americans, the converging cycles are both global and civil.

13.        Please click here now. Cyber attacks are increasingly likely.  These attacks could come from Russia, China, or even from the US government in a “false flag” operation.

14.        Ironically, gold bugs are worried about the increase in price volatility in the mining stocks, when they should be ensuring they have food, medicine, water, cash, and physical metal to deal with cyber warfare attacks.  The bottom line:

15.        Gold price volatility is best handled with a yawn and a laugh.  That’s not the case for war cycle volatility in our daily lives.

16.        Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge.  From the early October low, I’ve warned US stock market investors that a H&S top was likely forming, and it did.

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17.        Now the neckline is failing, and that’s just one of a myriad of ominous indicators.

18.        Please click here now. The CAPE ratio for the S&P500 is in the stratosphere and still above where it was the highs of 1929!  QE is finished, a boatload of rate hikes is required to reverse inflation, and cyber attacks may be imminent.

19.        Clearly, the stock market freight train appears “scheduled” for a one-way trip… to Hades.

20.        What about the miners?  Well, if the markets remain open, it should be clear sailing for most of them.

21.        Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this key GDX chart. A massive bull wedge pattern is in play, but note the rallies from 2008 and 2020 highlighted in red.

22.        The game has changed.  Rallies since 2008 were themed on QE welfare programs and rate cuts.  Most of the money went to stocks, bonds, and real estate.  Now, gold stocks are rallying while rates rise, QE is ended, and the stock market crashes.  This is a new paradigm, and it is awesome!

23.        Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this fabulous GOAU chart.  Note the bull flag and the significant rise in volume.  Institutional money managers are beginning to put proceeds from their stock market sales into the precious metal miners.

24.        Gold and silver stocks will have sharp pullbacks, but these should be short-lived.  This is a time when both dip buyers and momentum players can thrive.  It’s a time to buy dips.  It’s a time to chase price.  It’s a time that is best labelled… very, very nice!

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