Gold Manipulation Will Fail and Prices Will Explode

Patrick Karim and Lawrence Lepard on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes back Patrick Karim and Lawrence Lepard to discuss the markets along with numerous charts.

Patrick discusses the importance of knowing where you are in a market trend and how ratios are an excellent way to determine which will outperform. Silver compared with the Dow is helpful for this purpose. Lawrence comments that the charts are clearly showing the transition away from fiat to harder assets. Equity markets are beginning to look tired, which will drive interest into alternative equities and assets.

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Lawrence discusses how metals have still lagged when considering the amount of money printing over the last 18 months. We are going to see explosive upside in gold and silver.

Patrick details why gold needs to break out soon, and there is an enormous amount of fuel to drive it higher. Unfortunately, it seems like the insanity around money printing will continue. Lawrence says, “Were in the process of watching fiat money go away…. When gold breaks 2030 things are going to get very exciting. $3000 Gold is going to cause the miners to explode.”



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