Gold Rising Faster Than Tech Stocks! Climbs Above $2000 as Fed Prepares Higher Inflation

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In your opinion, what price will gold and silver peak at in this cycle?

Gold would never go higher than $1200 I was once told by a wealth planner who only deals with high net worth clients. And yet here we are. Regardless of what you believe the true dollar value should be, nobody knows what will happen to an asset in a massive bubble. It can’t be predicted. You don’t know where the money will flow. But in a period of inflation, precious metals tend to be where cash goes to hide. Safety and security become a priority and so money flows towards it. Does this mean the end for the US dollar? 


Investing in precious metals: Silver prices set to overtake gold prices

Gold prices surge midday Tuesday to reach an intraday record above 2,013; Silver jumps nearly 5% – MarketWatch

Gold Price

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Why Gold Prices Are Hitting All-Time Highs – WSJ

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Buy, sell, repeat! No room for ‘hold’ in whipsawing markets – Reuters

Jim Cramer: ‘I can’t take how stupidly bullish this market can be’

The Fed is expected to make a major commitment to ramping up inflation soon

The $600 unemployment boost is gone. That leaves some with $5 a week

Apple demands 50% rent cuts for UK stores | Business | The Sunday Times

Loan Loss Provisions 7.14_1.jpg (1239×742)

tighter loan standards 3.jpg (1148×691)

U.S. and China set to review phase one trade deal in mid-August

China only fulfils 5% of Sino-U.S. energy trade deal in first half of 2020 – Reuters

Argentina Agrees Restructuring Deal With Bondholders – WSJ




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