Goldman Sachs made money liquidating their prime brokerage client, Archegos Capital GSX and VIAC shares

by indonesian_activist

take notes, this is how you buy puts

Looks like the squid has been building a significant put positions on GSX and VIAC since last year. Of the major prime brokerages for Archegos,

List of GSX top institutional holders Q4 2020

it was the only one buying puts on GSX. Goldman’s GSX puts had a very significant increase in Q4 2020 becoming the top short interest

List of GSX top short interest Q4 2020

Needless to say the other prime brokers for Archegos didn’t do so well


“Nomura flags $2 billion loss, cancels bond issue; shares plummet”

Credit Suisse and Nomura take hit from U.S. hedge fund; warn of ‘significant’ losses”

While ape’s favorite sap Melvin, pulled out just a bit too early, too bad for them, should’ve stuck to GSX and not GME. Goldman’s VIAC puts also had +287% increase in Q4 2020, though it Looks like Citadel and Susquehanna are gonna get some of the spoils on this one.

List of VIAC top short interest Q4 2020

For VIAC, Goldman is still effectively the biggest net short since Kenny G crew’s puts are offset by their calls, though still net short.

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No doubt Goldman Sachs impeccable timing and prescience could only have been due to their analysts diligence in crayon drawing on the charts.




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