Goldman Sachs & Other Banks Slapped With MULTI-TRILLION Dollar Lawsuit For Rigging Markets!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about an incredible new development as the big banks are getting slapped with a multi-trillion dollar litigation. A New York federal judge appointed three law firms to lead counsels in the multi-trillion dollar suit accusing Goldman Sachs, Barclays and 18 other financial institutions of rigging markets for US government securities. This is a massive slap in the face for the big banks, but is not surprising. The banks have been rigging markets hand in hand with the government for a long time. Just last year, Deutsche Bank was caught alongside countless other banks in court rigging both gold markets and silver markets. The Trump administration is filled with Goldman Sachs people much like most past presidencies. It’s unlikely that this suit will be successful, but it’s important for people to know about it, because it pulls together the vast rigging of markets we’ve been talking about for so long further into context. This rigging is an attack on people’s assets. As John Crudele notes in his New York Post article on this story, “I suspect there was collusion between Washington and Goldman, perhaps for noble reasons but largely to keep bond prices high and interest rates low, since the two move in opposite directions. Low rates help borrowers like the federal government and hurt savers.” Crudele goes on to say, “As I’ve been saying for years, the government’s and Federal Reserve’s rigging of the bond market, especially during the quantitative easing period, has resulted in a secret tax on savers.” Rigging has become a regular way of life for the state and the banking system. From entirely rigged fiat currency by the Federal Reserve forcing debt unto the populace to regulatory and tax rigging by the state, propping up massive monopolized corporations and pushing competition and small businesses out of the market. Then there’s the rigging of bond markets and derivative markets by massive banking empires like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutches Bank, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Scotia Bank and the list goes on. Stay tuned as we continue to call this insanity out!

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16 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs & Other Banks Slapped With MULTI-TRILLION Dollar Lawsuit For Rigging Markets!

  1. Please; Give a shout if you think anything will come of this….
    (Sound of crickets)
    It’s called Dog & Pony Shows. Makes people ‘feel good all over’ to think ”oh boy! They’re gonna get it now!”
    Me thinks the ‘swamp’ has reached record depths with LOTS of new denizens….

    • I think that it’s entirely possible the system fails and resets before this ever hits court. The rich will flee the country like rats from a sinking ship before the engineered collapse happens.

  2. “We found the banks to be guilty of massive market rigging, fraud, and theft. But we think that no reasonable prosecutor would file charges…..”

  3. This is total farce! It is to maintain the ‘peasants’ the grand illusion that there exists a rule of law that surpasses even the greatest powers and influence. ITS CRAP!

  4. It is all a show to keep us thinking their is some good people left. We are all being played yet again. Sad but true.

  5. ….AND….IF….This Smoke & (revolving, Broken) Mirrors SHOW were to proceed…..WHO would get the MONEY ?
    LAWYERS would get (Legally STEAL) about 70%, Court costs would amount to 25% & the balance would go into a victim’s Fund , which would be looted & ALL records would be lost.
    Ahhh, the globalists justice system.

  6. Sue them????? LOL are you nuts or what? Don’t think it will get past the filing stage…..Whoever is the lucky judge on this case will get fabulously RICH!!!!!

  7. and again, the criminals who did the crimes use the corporations to shield the criminals from prosecution and incarceration..

  8. None of the rigging could happen if it was not for the support of the Federal reserve. It clearly will come rescue any bank which somehow gets in trouble playing in a rigged market. An massive number of naked shorts happen in the gold and silver paper market. How does the world have precious metals when the federal reserve under the leadership of Yellen allows massive naked shorts? Few car but remember housing and the cost to bail out the banks in that fiasco. It could happen quickly with the huge number of naked shorts. What is needed is a delivery method to eliminate the abuse supported by Yellen

  9. If the Government would just simply stop bailing-out the Banks, they would collapse under the weight of their $1.5 quadrillion Derivative Debts. The taxpayers (serfs) should not be responsible for this mountain of insurmountable, toxic debt, and these bankers should be charged with International Sedition and Domestic Treason.
    We shall have a better chance of seeing Hillary and Bill imprisoned. The odds of this $-multi-trillion Lawsuit being brought to Trial, are 1-in-NEVER! (We can have nice dreams about it happening though.)

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