Good luck collecting Unemployment: The average unemployment check will be $975/week and can only support up to 15 million total unemployment claims.

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by badpizzaisstillgood

  • $975 per week and 10 million people currently filed for unemployment = approx $42 billion per month
  • assuming nobody else files for unemployment that going to cost $168 billion over a 4 month period, the budget is $250 billion dollars
  • The current budget can afford approximately another 5 million more unemployment claims so if unemployment reaches 15million+ be prepared for some more BRRrRRbrrrrrrrrr

Good luck collecting Unemployment… States don’t have the money to pay the claims… Their revenue streams have collapsed as well!

But the crooks in Washington DC got paid off…

The websites to apply for Unemployment aren’t “crashed”… They shut them down.

Will we see the eventual break up of the US?

US Government can’t get away with intentionally not meeting the needs of it’s citizens forever. Or attacking the people using false pretenses.

While many Democart governors played along at state and local levels with the ChicomVirus… It should be obvious to them now that their cut of the money will never materialize.

This shows also the level of corruption in the top brass of the military also.


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