Good News Ahead on Coronavirus? Model Shows Peak in NYC in 5 Days, Peak Across U.S. in 11 Days

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by informedamerican

A well-regarded University of Washington model shows that the number of deaths in New York City should peak around April 11, and deaths should peak across the nation around April 16.

It looks like Italy, the worst hit spot in Europe so far, has already turned the corner. Italy reported its lowest daily death toll related to the coronavirus for more than two weeks on Sunday, as authorities began to look ahead to a second phase of the battle.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said:

“There are difficult months ahead. Our task is to create the conditions to live with the virus.”

France, another rising hot spot, also reported a slowing daily death toll over the last 24 hours, and Germany is in its fourth straight day with a drop in new confirmed cases.

The light at the end of the tunnel is making people antsy about when they’ll be allowed to go back to work.  Small business owners are particularly anxious after the botched roll out of the Payroll Protection Program in the U.S.  No one knows when they will receive financial relief, and the bills keep coming.

In addition to the coronavirus, Britain has another problem.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson has contracted the virus, but the country’s constitution doesn’t clearly outline what will happen if he can’t lead the country.  Unlike the U.S., there’s no obvious second in command.

In Scotland, the chief medical officer quit after flouting his own advice.

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood told the nation to stay home, but then traveled to her second home on two successive weekends.




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