Good News: Avaaz, one of the largest activist groups in the world wins against Monsanto in court

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by ssilBetulosbA

Avaaz, a 47+ million member strong activist group that battles corruption, helps protect the environment and in general fights for human, animal and environmental rights across the globe, has been hit by a nasty subpoena after actively battling Monsanto (already bought by Bayer and likely soon to be renamed by the way) in numerous ways and in numerous occasions (including fighting against the spread of Glyphosate). But just now, with the help of one of the most prolific defence attorneys, Andrew Celli, they have won the case.

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Avaaz’s Twitter status update that confirms this.

For those that have never heard of Avaaz:

-Who Avaaz are

-A list of many of their major victories in the past years

I just got this in my mail and I thought I’d share.

A wonderful day to you all 🙂

PS: If you like what Avaaz stands for join up on their mail lists – you can donate if you want, but its not necessary if you can’t, as signing petitions, taking part in their campaigns (like sending emails and letters to various officials, thus placing pressure on them by virtue of numbers…) etc. is already a huge deal and can be very powerful in its own right (as seen by their quite large list of victories). You may disagree with some of their campaigns and agree with others, but I’d say that in general they have brought an enormous amount of good into this world and are a vital organization for bringing the power back to the people.

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