GOOD NEWS: Our socialist government on election days is warning they won’t afford more lockdowns. Economy is too weak so they won’t close!

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Economy has a base scenario of a 7% growth, although if you follow the tail wind could improve, after the collapse of 10% in the past year; the consultants accompany this vision but warn that inflation and the dollar may complicate the picture

The Government is excited to come to a tie this year in terms of economic recovery in respect of 2020, but with the economy and expectations in an obvious improvement to the time of the election.

In sporting terms, it would be something like “a slight defeat with flavor to tie or win”, especially if in the elections, the ruling party obtained a result seemly.

The first to throw the stone was the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, who last week said to entrepreneurs in the Council of the Americas that the economy could grow 7% this year, compared with 5.5% projected in the budget for 2021.

Massa said with a smile in the audience that the economic team did not want to move on in public projections are very optimistic, but gave them to understand that the figures of the first two months accompany this expectation, after a year, very pale.

The simple bounce statistical in addition to the improvement in the terms of trade gives them the foundation to the thoughts of the ruling party and, although these may not be to tie the -10% last year (the final number of the GDP in the fourth quarter of 2020 will be known the 23rd of this month), it is possible that at the end of the year the rebound close to that number, over and above what they thought of our own and others a few months ago, despite the very high risk country and to the bad weather prevailing between the business by raising the tax burden for firms in the private sector.




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