GOOD NEWS: White House says ‘vaccine’ won’t be mandatory for anyone!

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Dr. Scott Atlas, who is essentially Trump’s replacement for corrupt mass-murdering psychopath Anthony Fauci, said today, in response to a White House press question, that “no one’s being mandated to be vaccinated” and that “it’s not a forced vaccination, of course”.
This is very good news for all of us who were worried that operation ‘warp speed’ was going to involve the deployment of the military to force-inject people.
If you’re one of the conspiracy/truth researchers who has completely tuned out of MSM (as I was a couple months ago), you might want to consider tuning into the Trump live streams. Trump has been saying & doing one thing after another that has been legitimately crippling the Gates/NWO scɐmdǝmᴉc agenda.
I’ve never liked the guy, and I’m not counting on him to fix everything, but it is becoming increasingly clear that he is not simply another puppet president as we (with very good reason) assumed he was. Nor is it all simply theater, as I’m nearly certain you’ll agree if you tune into the live streams.



h/t DontJoinTheMilitary


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