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  1. its high time that Google gets replaced with another company which adheres to first amendment rights and not the rights that are dictated by Obama and his evil minions via google. you will soon be history google because you hate the constitution and all it stands for especially freedom of speech to speak ones mind. But you Google love to operate freely using the same Constitution as long as you control the debate and opinions, and when you don’t like it you shut down the ideas and opinions of people who do not think like demon-rat Bolsheviks, you will be sued and you will pay a hefty price for your Bolshevik Saul Alinksky ways. You company is no more then a WHORE RUN PIMP organization for Obama and the demon-rat party., your company disgusts me.

  2. STOP using Google. Use “STARTPAGE” or “IXQUICK”, they do not record your IP address unlike google which has no privacy what so ever!

      • I use it all the time. I worked for google for a while and I had issues with some of their policies and methods. It is ok to use from a public computer to look up non critical stuff but as far as an account no more for me.

  3. I use google for everything, and being retired it is my window to understanding what is going on out there in La La Land. But if Google wants to play fast and lose with its politics, then I will stop using it. Thanks for the update

  4. DIE GOOGLE! DIE! The economic Reaper awaits.
    Google’s economic business model is nothing more than a glorified mega advertising agency whose income and profit is solely derived from the commercial economic prosperity of consumerism.
    When the pending global economic collapse occurs, and thus the terminal death of disposable income consumerism, Google too will die.

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  5. ………….google is the face staring at you for the duration of the film “1984”. Here we are. We’ve managed to “progress” to a “Brave New World”

  6. So, dump Google. There are several other good search engines and meta search engines out there that do the job better.,,, I stopped using Google a few years ago.Don’t miss it at all.

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