Google has become so politically and socially biased that it’s basically useless for a number of different topics.

by dvater123

Talk about media bias look up any “controversial” subject in Google then do the same for Bing.

Seriously, try some of the following and just see what comes up:

“Covid isn’t a pandemic”

“Black History Month is stupid”

“True conspiracy theories”

“BLM is a supremacist group”

Google anything against mainstream agenda and it ACTIVELY tries to show you opposite results…go do the same on Bing and BOOM there ya go here’s what you were obviously looking for!

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I know this might not be necessarily a conspiracy in it’s own right but it’s certainly fuel to add to the Leftist spin and misinformation pull they have in the digital space. Google is 92% of search engine use.

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Sure you can say “go use another search engine” but if you don’t KNOW that Google is doing this then why would you use anything else?

Just something I’ve noticed the past few years and it never seems to be called out on.




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