Vaccine Passports: How corporations have a ton of power over you, and why both government and consumer action is needed to keep their power in check

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by hussletrees

Vaccine passports are coming, it’s no longer a question or debate, they are 100% coming. To what extent is now the discussion

However, it’s not the government that will be issuing them, requiring them, and for the most part they are taking a hands-off approach and only giving guidance/recommendations. Instead, it is big corporations who are working together on this. Corporations are issuing them, and corporations will be requiring them, and corporations are the ones who will make you feel like an outcast and be unable to participate in society without them

While one can argue: “the government has mandated these lockdowns which de facto forced the corporations to create this vaccine passport”. And yes, while that is true, government is also going to be essential in any effort to push back against vaccine passports. We are seeing this already, in states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, etc. It is through politics that we must decide how we want our society to operate. By voting for politicians who will put regulations on corporations that restrict them from using a vaccine passport, we can make society reflect the will of the voters. Perhaps in some states, or federally, voters may decide we want vaccine passports, which is fine, and far better than it happening without some sort of vote. People can argue against on constitutional grounds, but otherwise democracy ought to have it’s say (besides being an unconstitutional oppressive majority)

I see a lot of posts on this sub about how politics is boring, or they don’t care about politics, or that it is irrelevant. Nonsense. Politics is everything: politics is your freedom, politics is your rights, politics is the rules of the world you live in. We can use politics to keep corporate power in check, by telling them they cannot pollute in our rivers, that they cannot abuse their workers, and whether or not they are allowed to use vaccine passports. Some say vote with your money, or you can just vote with your vote

Which brings me to my next point, you can vote with your money too via consumer action. I would argue it is slightly less effective, because going through politics makes it a law, compared to consumer action which the corporation may be able to sustain without your consumer spending. It is still pretty effective though; if people just don’t go on flights, don’t go to concerts, don’t go to cruises, and things like that which are looking almost certain to require vaccine passports, then there is no way they can sustain with 30% of a population not buying their products.

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Not only can they not sustain a massive part of a population not buying their products, they have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profit. However, that same maximizing profit ideology is indeed why the corporations who are already poised to use the vaccine passports are doing it: because they need to in order to be able to sell more of their product. However, once government mandates are for the most part lifted, they will then be losing money by requiring a vaccine passport. Basically, once they calculate they will get more money, they will change, and right now they calculate it will make them money since they can sell more product whereas otherwise they can’t sell any, but in the future the fact they are only selling to vaccine passport holders means they are losing money from non-vaccine passport holders

The conspiracy here is clear: corporations hold a ton of power over your life. We live in a capitalist society, we need to spend at these corporations in order to live our lives. The vaccine passports show that this is true, and contrary to Main Street’s opinion, politics does matter a lot (as well as consumer action)


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