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by madali0

I’m astounded how much Google has ruined the internet. Before google, we seemed to have access to hundreds of thousands of tiny small weird websites. Now, when you google something, it’s the same dozen website that comes up. More and more, I’ve realized I can’t really access much information, aside from just coming across MSM outlets’ take on them. Also, as I use VPNs a lot, the location-themed results are extremely annoying. Why should it matter where I am supposed to be, information should be the same everywhere.

Here are some things I’ve noticed, please add your own comments if you can think of anything. Maybe we can get an eventual list of what we don’t have access to:

1) Torrents, Warez, etc. Finding a link to a torrent site is sometimes much harder than it may appear. Google piratebay and the actual site doesn’t come up as the first link. Same for kickasstorrent. What if I just google “torrent sites”, shouldn’t the top ones come up? No.

2) Non-western allied news sites: Full disclosure, I’m from Iran, and it irritates me that if I search for Iran keywords, the results in the news section are ALL anti-Iran MSM. Israel news sites pop up at a far higher frequency on the keyword “iran” in than dozens of english domestic iranian news sites. Why? So does, western funded media such as BBC or Radio Farda (Iran focused news site funded by America). Major Iranian news site have purposely been removed, such as PressTV is blocked by Google from showing up on Generally, good luck finding even ONE result in that has an iranian media source ON IRAN SUBJECTS.

3) Non-mainstream stuff: I’ve never really been into QAnon and stuff, but was curious recently to see what the hell is this stuff the MSM keeps talking about. So I google QAnon. Wiki is first link (wikipedia is by the way a whole other problem), guardian, guardian, cbsnews, nytimes, rollingstones, bbc, dw, nbcnews. ALL MSM. This is page 1.

So let me try page 2, the graveyard of google searches.

New Yorker, theconversation, abcnews, , washington post, washingtonpost,, theintercept, financialtimes, wired. 2nd page ends. Notice, still no actual site where qanon stuff is posted and ALL OF IT IS NEWS SITES (aside from wiki and I didn’t go to

Page 3:

usatoday, apnews, wired, technologyrevew, theatlantic, (some book on qanon), motherjones, fb[dot]com (how we are addressing..), youtube (QAnon: Are conspiracy theories becoming a deadly threat …),

See, that’s three pages.

In duckduckgo, sandwiched between CNN and NY Times, I finally find one or two sites that posts their stuff.

4) Groups of the wrong kind: What if I want to read on various extremists hated filled truly bad groups, as informed by the elites of the world? Like, I’m not American, but was curious to see who the hell these Proud Boys are. I generally like to read stuff from the group’s own views, rather than rephrased by someone else. I’m not a child.

Page 1: Wiki,, cnn, the guardian, forbes, cbsnews, cnet,, bbc. End of page 1.

Notice the same gang of the same media. Once again, I didn’t go to I don’t really want BBC or Forbes or Gaurdian’s take on it. Logically, I would expect THEIR OWN SITE OR PLATFORM TO BE THE FIRST RESULT, because that’s the basic job of a search engine. If I tell you I’m looking for dog shit, then show me dog shit, I don’t need you to tell me your opinion on why dog shit smells bad.

I searched 10 pages and couldn’t find a link to their main page. Duckduckgo has it as the first result.

I’ve had the same problem in the past. I remember when ISIS was taking over large pieces of land in Syria, they would have an english magazine (weekly or monthly, can’t remember). To me, that was a unique and interesting look into the minds of such a group that was cutting people’s heads off on camera. But it was such a difficult task finding it.


We need to reclaim the internet. For a while, it truly belong to the smaller guys. Do not allow the dozen or so corporate media outlets feed you information.


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