Google Has Killed Tons of Firms by Demonitization

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Synopsis: An important part of coup is the ability to control independent reporters from presenting the news they think is fit to print out across the internet. Tucker Carlson has called Google the largest monopoly of today’s world.
So fearsome is their power that I really would feel better in saying less at this point than more, especially when Tucker says all that needs to be said at this point. Thank you, Tucker, and God speed.

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1 thought on “Google Has Killed Tons of Firms by Demonitization

  1. If Russia (or China) really wanted to mess with the USA, all it has to do is present an alternative to Youtube. A massive server farm and then just rip the videos from Youtube with free hosting to anyone. The business model is established and needs very little ‘tweaking’ to allow non-Russians to benefit from the service. Billions of Indians, Asians, Africans and South Americans would flock to the service and the westerners would use it to bypass the censorship.
    Of course Russia (and China) would have to adopt an ‘anything goes’ approach which may cause them some distress, but nothing would bring down the Alphabet monopoly faster than off-shore competition.
    Host and enable another ‘silk road’ and the US would have several fits. Offer Kim amnesty and let him do his thing.

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