Tucker – Fed Courts Are Out of Control

Synopsis: I just can’t say enough about this great, great piece by Tucker Carlson last night on the ever-growing abuses by federal judges of proper role of our three branches of government.
No one – and I mean no one else – on network television would #1 dare to take a critical look at what’s going on with federal judges; and #2 have the intellectual resources to put such a topic in proper perspective.
For years, I’ve heard that federal judges are out of control. They are rewriting laws as petty dictators would. We’ve seen this problem explode with the ability of federal judges anywhere in the country to cancel laws made by Congress – the people’s elected representatives – and even the President performing his perfectly Constitutional responsibilities of keeping us safe.
What in the heck is up with that? Well, Tucker digs into this topic, with his reliable and prodigious research into this little known topic that is stealing power from the Congress and changing our system of governance in a way that for some reason has not raised any effective alarms.