Google suspended my Merchant account because my store sold COVID themed T-shirts… shop traffic takes a nose dive. Google pretty much killed my small business.

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by IrishDan32


My store [geek treats ]( mostly sells print on demand tees. I pay for designers upfront or on commission. I then have a number of items supplied to me via a 3rd party base in USA , Hong Kong and Uk. I was doing good sales and traffic. Then last week my ads that I was paying stopped brining in traffic. I raised a ticket with google support then got the above email. Further back and forth and the google rep states if I was to remove the COVID shirts then I have my account reopened COVID shirts . These shirts are borderline bad humor and mostly sold to USA and Uk. But there nothing harmful about them nor dangerous so I am at a loss why google has the right to kill off my store.

Update 1

Here’s an update following my very long email to google. (I thank you all for your thoughts they helped me with the tone and content.

Googles reply

” Hi Daniel,

I have started another internal investigation into the account, this is another team that will be looking at the account than the one that looked at the account at the start of the week.

This team will take about 1 week before they come back to me. I will get back to you once I hear back from the team.

I hope I have answered all your questions, I want to wish you a great 2021!

Sincerely, ”

just annoyed that it will be a week of no business.

I thank you for the few who bought t-shirts this morning. This wasn’t the point of my post to get sells but I thank you for your support none the less.



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