Google vs. Duck Duck Go: wildly different results.

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by EatenAliveByWolves

This will be of little surprise to most of you, but Google drastically alters search results to fit the current narrative. There are countless examples of Google doing this, and this post is not the first one on r/conspiracy highlighting this. I just want to show you one example that I found kind of interesting.

These are the google results when you search “antifa shooting people”:

These are the Duck Duck Go results when you search “antifa shooting people”:


The purpose of this post is to remind you not to underestimate the power that subtle doctoring of information can have. It’s easy to shape the views of an average human, and Google is getting very good at doing just that. How is somebody to know what thoughts are his/her own?

Google is a fantastic service for finding out practical information. I would be careful not to let it shape my opinion about this kind of stuff though.

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