GOP Lawmaker Say “People Will Die” In A Violent US-China Clash

by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

Watch for things like this because these politicians could very well be using predictive programming to get us ready for what they already have planned. One GOP lawmaker has said there could be a violent clash between the United States and China and that “people will die.”

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, a violent confrontation between the United States and China could take place within months, according to an American lawmaker wary of Beijing’s expansionist foreign policy. “I would predict there will be a clash within the next three to six months,” Florida Representative Ted Yoho, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee for Asia, told the Washington Examiner.

“Knowing China, I think what they would do is ram one of our ships and say it was a mistake,” Yoho said while discussing U.S. naval exercises in the South China Sea.  Keep in mind, this could be nothing more than predictive programming so we will accept this false flag that will ignite WW3.

U.S. Pacific Fleet officials rebuked China for risking a collision in 2018 through a warship’s “an unsafe and unprofessional” approach to an American guided-missile destroyer. And a Chinese admiral also has boasted about the possibility of attacking U.S. carriers, wagering that such a loss of American life would leave U.S. leaders and the broader public “frightened” of Chinese military power in the disputed area.

“I think all those are possibilities,” Yoho said. “To sink a carrier would be a huge mistake, to attack any of our ships would be a huge mistake, but I think they’re willing to risk that to test the waters. And unfortunately, people will die. It would just be a mistake if they did that, for them.”

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As the coronavirus plandemic fears continue to drop off in spite of the mainstream media’s constant hype about it, any number of crises are still possible.  Keep your eyes and mind open, and now is not the time to put anything past the government. If they think they can start a war and get away with it, they will. A Chinese foreign minister actually alluded to this as well:

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday: “If the U.S. lacks confidence, openness, and inclusiveness to such an extent, and chooses to conjure up ‘China Threats’ of various kinds, its paranoia may turn into self-fulfilling prophecies at the end of the day.”

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Yoho also said: “The United States is willing to stand up to them, and that may force China’s hand. That’ll be something that they will lose, and they will regret, but we can’t be intimidated because that might happen. I think the real threat is, if we don’t do anything, we know that it’ll happen. And then, that’ll give more strength to China to keep doing what they’re doing. So, you know, let’s just hope that diplomacy works and China backs off.”

This sounds like Yoho is all but coming out and saying that a violent clash is going to occur with China.  This predictive programming is a tool that’s been used for decades, and we should all be leery of ANYTHING that comes out of the mouth of a central banker or politician at this point.


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