GOP Senator Says We Should Preemptively Nuke Russia to Protect Territorial Integrity of the Ukraine

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by Chris Black

“I’m totally confused” — Tucker Carlson wonder why the US would be allies with Ukraine instead of Russia, since Russia has more energy reserves. Rep. Mike Turner reminds him that we’re supposed to be on the side of democracies. Carlson responds by saying, “I guess”.

I don’t know what you’re supposed to do other than laugh at this.

What percentage of Americans know where the Ukraine is on a map?

It’s less than 5%, I can tell you that. Republicans are only interested in protecting the borders of foreign nations while their own country is overrun.

If the Kremlin decides to send in the tanks the bulk of Ukrainians will abandon their fake government and greet the Russians as liberators. Like it or not, that’s reality. 

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US has no support at home, no support in the Ukraine, no military ability to fight Russia in Europe, and only some financial leverage over them. The Russians are willing to take whatever economic pain the US can dish out to defend their borders. 

The empty threats emanating from ziocons like Victoria Nuland and affirmative action hire Lloyd Austin should not even be taken seriously by anti-war activists.

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You will see the same dynamic play out in Taiwan with China.


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