GOP senators request details on Hunter Biden’s travel for probe

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Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Ron Johnson (Wis.) are requesting details on the travel records for former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden as they turn their focus past the impeachment trial.

Grassley and Johnson — the chairmen of the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, respectively — sent a letter to Secret Service Director James Murray saying they were requesting the documents as part of a probe into “potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration.”


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As part of their request, the senators specifically want to know what sort of security detail Hunter Biden received while his father served as vice president, and a list of all dates and places Hunter Biden traveled with a protective detail.

They specifically want to know if he traveled on Air Force One or Air Force Two, the presidential and vice presidential aircraft, or on another government aircraft and whether additional family members were present for each trip.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has also said he intends to pursue the Bidens.

“The day of reckoning is coming for congressional and Senate oversight of Joe Biden,” Graham told Fox News on Sunday, before the acquittal vote. Graham said he hopes the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will call witnesses, including Hunter Biden, to testify about the matter “in the coming weeks.”

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“They ruined America’s ability to effectively deal with corruption in the Ukraine by having Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma. That’s just a fact,” Graham said. “And we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

The former vice president, for his part, has dismissed all allegations as conspiracy theories, but acknowledged Hunter Biden’s role created a “bad image.”

“No one’s found anything wrong with his dealings with Ukraine except they say it sets a bad image,” Joe Biden said on Monday.

The two powerful GOP chairmen want “Hunter Biden’s travel arrangements to conduct business related to his dealings in Ukraine and China, among other countries, while he received a protective detail.” pPlease describe the protective detail that Hunter Biden received while his father was Vice President.

Please provide a list of all dates and locations of travel, international and domestic, for Hunter Biden while he received a protective detail.

Please provide a list o f all dates and locations o f travel, international and domestic, for Hunter Biden while he received a protective detail. In your response, please note whether his travel was on Air Force One or Two, or other government aircraft, as applicable and whether additional family members were present for each trip.

The Senators also stated in the letter that they have sent other letters to other government agencies questioning ‘potential conflicts of interest’ regarding the deal during the Obama Administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval to sell off 20 percent of U.S. uranium from the Canadian company that had assets in the U.S. to to the Russian energy giant Rosatom. The transaction required the the approval of CFIUS, the multi-agency approval committee. At the time Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department, which was a voting member of the CFIUS board.

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