Gov Cooper Presser notes- CONTAGIOUS AFTER RECOVERY?! NC CONFIRMS 2nd Case! Subject tested positive AFTER symptoms were GONE

“The man traveled in late February to an area of Italy that now has an outbreak. He had mild flu-like symptoms while still abroad but improved, so he traveled back to his home in Chatham County. According to the Georgia Department of Health, he had contact with a case in Georgia, and the department notified North Carolina.“

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LIVE PRESSER (over now, noted below)


-traveled to Italy feb 22ish
-contracted virus
-flu like symptoms in Italy. Stayed until they were gone
-flew back through JFK to RDU (Raleigh/Durham)
-was in “contact” with man from Georgia just 2 days ago
-tested positive for Covid-19 with ZERO symptoms.
-in quarantine at home with wife
-must pass two simultaneous tests with negative before leaving
-wife must stay quarantined 2 weeks after husband is cleared
-not enough tests. Only 150 on hand. 500 on order but not coming yet.
-rest of the Mumbo Jumbo about “don’t panic just wash your hands”

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His symptoms disappeared and he’s still positive and likely contagious!

NC only has enough tests for 150 people…

h/t I’m with Trump