Government Full Employment Report A Big Lie

Zerohedge had an article about the economy that posted 40 charts that showed fantastic growth since Trump took office:
[Image: AHE%20aug%202018.jpg?itok=p93suylz]

[Image: tor3.jpg?itok=HsDlTpNY]

And 38 more charts at the link:…xxx-charts

But there is a new report at Zerohedge of how outrageously the government has lied about the strength of the labor market.

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“Today’s job numbers might be the biggest disaster I’ve ever seen reported. This Fall could get real ugly real fast. The deterioration of the participation rate is so big it makes me suspicious of earlier numbers.” – John Titus, producer of Best Evidencevideos.”

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Titus goes on to say, “”The Household Survey” is showing a net loss of 1.47 million jobs year-over-year and a Labor Force reduction north of 2 million [YoY].

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates right at a time when the labor market is disintegrating. The outcome is predictable, a recession.…an-extreme


h/t Natura Naturans