Government Laughs in the Face of Those Who Stopped Reading and Paying for Establishment Media Garbage: You’ll Be Forced to Pay Anyway #BAILOUT

Establishment Media to Congress: Give Us a Handout to Stop

Calling the news media an “essential part of our democracy,”
Chavern went on to warn that Big Media is “under threat” and
needs to be bailed out by Congress’s proposed antitrust

Jim Jordan: Democrat Bill Would Grant Media ‘Cartel Power’

Greenwald said in his opening statement:

Further empowering this already-powerful media industry —
which has demonstrated it will use its force to silence
competitors under the guise of “quality control” — runs
the real risk of transferring the abusive monopoly power
from Silicon Valley to corporate media companies or, even
worse, encouraging some sort of de facto merger in which
these two industries pool their power to the mutual
benefit of each.

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Jordan also said that America already witnessed big media
and big tech colluded to ensure that the American people
did not hear about a bombshell story about Hunter Biden,
Joe Biden’s son, right before the 2020 presidential

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“Now we have legislation that’s going to give big media
this consortium and cartel power,” Jordan said.

House hearing on ‘Saving the Free and Diverse Press’

Reviving Competition, Part 2: Saving the Free and Diverse Press

Sweden to Spend Millions Bailing out Mainstream Media

Justin Trudeau Gives $595 Million Tax Relief to ‘Eligible’ Media


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