Govt Contractor Whistleblower Goyda – Suffers SWAT Team Raid & Two Houses Burned

by Thinker

Americans who have kept the “TRUTH” about corruption for decades are releasing it and getting the weight off their chest. To know the “TRUTH” is to know how many “LIES” have been told before you can reach it. All around the world, in governments, organizations, and the financial industry, whistleblower who have been waiting for many a lifetime to bring the world the “TRUTH” about what has been hidden from them that they have paid for.

Underground cities
Space Craft
Dislosure by way of whistleblowers!!!

Living out of her car, a Swat Team Raid and Two Houses Burnt DownOur guest Carolyn Goyda has an amazing story to tell. So much so, we are going to have her back in a series to go through everything she has gone through. We tried to make this interview the foundation for the rest that will follow.
Why are Veterans on homeless and on the street??? Their money is being spent and those spending it don’t care if they have something to eat!!! How many organizations that don’t pay taxes have shelters just for the Vetrans who helped by wars to be what they are today??? Halliburton??? NFL Team Owners who just started paying taxes a few years ago??? Walmart??? Nike??? Oprah??? Michael Jordon??? How many have left the cities and people who made them rich anything that they can smile and say “WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT?” Just like Govt Contractor Whistleblower Carolyn Goyda, while those at the top are getting richer, the real foundation of most businesses the people are getting left behind. Those who didn’t reward their employee’s for the work they did, don’t have anything to lose by telling the “TRUTH,” but those who did have no worries!!!

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Over $$$9 Trillion dollars is missing from the Pentagon!!! What could that money do for the Veterans who are in the street, homeless and hungry with nothing to eat??? Over a million dollars a day to have surveillance over myself and so many other Americans, when that money should be going for families of those who lost life and limbs in wars for greed.



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