Grand Jury Drops NUKE On Joe Biden…

Anyone trying to make sense of the drama and numerous conflicts surrounding the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop has heard about the “Big Guy”.  A dude who mysteriously gets kickbacks- and no doubt wondered, “who is the big guy”?  We may be getting closer to finding out with some much-needed proof, according to court documents.

“A March 2017 email found on Hunter’s laptop discussed a proposed deal with a Chinese energy firm, and included the phrase: ’10 held by H for the big guy?’- and kicked off a storm of speculation which has been mostly ignored by the media.

But now we are back here again, watching the media curiously ignore the resurfacing of the phrase, from more court documents.

On Monday The New York Post reported that one witness had been asked who they believed ‘the big guy’ was – although the witness’s answer wasn’t shared, leading to more speculation and frustration.

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Speculation about the identity of ‘the big guy’ has remained: Joe Biden has always insisted he was not involved in his son’s business dealings.

“A grand jury witness was asked to identify the infamous “big guy” mentioned in discussions regarding a Chinese business deal involving the president’s son Hunter Biden, according to a new report.


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