Granny Killer Cuomo Threatens “State Action” Against Economic Activity After Refusing State Action Against Riots, Looters and Arsonists…

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Comrade Cuomo is threatening to take enforcement action on behalf of the New York state Ministry of Coronavirus Compliance.

Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening “state enforcement action” against the citizens of New York for engaging in economic activity, violating his social distancing rules, not wearing masks and having “parties” against his COVID compliance dictates….

“Enforce the law or there will be state action”

Which is more than a little ironic considering the same Andrew Cuomo previously ruled out “state enforcement action” against riots, violence, looters and arsonists.

Rioting and looting don’t warrant state enforcement, but forget to wear a mask or stand too close to your cousin and there will be hell to pay.   Good luck trying to square that circle of stupidity.

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