Great Depression 2.0 is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

by JakeTheMistake

They’re lying. You know they’re lying. They know they’re lying. Yet, they won’t stop lying.

Changing the definition of a recession is straight out of Orwellian playbook. We are living in a dystopian future. These people will stop at nothing until they have destroyed everything you have come to know. Grocery shelves have been getting gradually emptier in my neighborhood, which is fairly affluent. I have started growing my own food, storing seeds and stockpiling rice and beans. I have about a three month supply right now.

For starters, learn how to grow your own food, how to store it and how to grow lots of it. You can grow food year round no matter your climate. Also look into building a small greenhouse or setting up hydroplonics.

Start a seed vault with organic heirloom seeds. Do not harvest seeds from grocery store fruits and veggies. Corporate food producers literally own the genetic code of their food and can sue you and destroy your food supply. This has been happening to farmers and homesteaders.

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Look into your city or town’s livestock laws. A chicken lays one egg a day. Four chickens will yield at least two dozen edible eggs a week. A live chicken costs ~$4 and yields up to 300 eggs a year, that’s over 30,000 calories. Two weeks of food for one person. Factor in feed, a coop and heat lamps, you can have your very own self sustaining chicken farm for less than $500. The also produce organic fertilizer through their shit, something that is going to be very valuable.

Stock up on calorie dense foods that store well. Rice, beans, lentils, canned proteins like tuna and chicken.

Lastly, buy a gun and lots of ammo.

Any other tips, feel free to share.


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